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Flexi-Hinge Check Valve Design
Flexi-Hinge Check Valve Design
The Flexi-Hinge® check valve offers a naturally closed configuration.  Figure 1 shows the ‘relaxed’ state of the Flexi-Hinge® check valve.  Our unique post design has a contour, which conforms to the closure angle of the valve plates.  The advantage of this new design is it provides a positive, quick seal with low backpressure without the assistance of a spring.Figure 2 shows the relaxed state of the competitor’s design.  Their natural ‘relaxed’ tendency is to remain in the open position.  This design may require the addition of a spring and/or additional backpressure and flow reversal for proper sealing.  The disadvantage of a spring is it doubles the pressure loss across the valve and increases the pressure needed to open the valve.


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